Changes in C++ code in plugin does not show affect in the editor

Hi guys,
I use the plugin from OptiTrack in our VR game project, in this PlugIn, I need to use a BP to inherit the C++ file ClientOrigin.h and use event graph to change the values in “server address”, “client address”(Fstring type) and “HMD ID” int32 type, I add the quote BlueprintReadWrite function on the lines relate to it, save it and restart the editor but nothing happened :frowning: I still can’t reach the variables in blueprint. here are the codes I changed

#pragma once


#include "OptitrackClientOrigin.generated.h"

* Represents a pose for a tracked rigid body.
struct FOptitrackRigidBodyState

	 * Populated with the value of FPlatformTime::Seconds() on frame delivery.
	 * Can be compared to determine the freshness of the associated pose data.
	double DeliveryTimePlatformSeconds;

	/** Position in tracking space. */
	FVector Position;

	/** Orientation in tracking space. */
	FQuat Orientation;

enum class EOptitrackClientConnectionType : uint8
	Multicast = 0,

class OPTITRACKNATNET_API AOptitrackClientOrigin : public AActor

	/** The network address of the NatNet server to connect to. */
	UPROPERTY( EditAnywhere, BlueprintReadWrite,Category=Optitrack )
	FString ServerAddress;

	/** The address of the local network interface to use. */
	UPROPERTY( EditAnywhere, BlueprintReadWrite,Category=Optitrack )
	FString ClientAddress;

	/** The NatNet client type to instantiate. Must match the setting of the NatNet server. */
	UPROPERTY( EditAnywhere, BlueprintReadWrite,Category=Optitrack )
	EOptitrackClientConnectionType ConnectionType;

	/** If non-zero, the rigid body with the specified ID is used to provide input to compatible HMD implementations. */
	UPROPERTY( EditAnywhere,BlueprintReadWrite, Category=Optitrack )
	int32 HmdRigidBodyId;

On each “UPROPERTY” I add “BlueprintReadWrite,” and save the file, is there anything else I should do to let blueprint access the variable?

thank for everyone


Did you compile the code?

I did compile it and use the rebuild, turns out for the plugins you may have to click " clean the build " then click “build” so it will affect the code.

Ok do you hot reload?
But also you may be right, and it’s not plugin specific, simply you needed to rerun UHT which rebuild cause