Change the location of texturer files

hey … I have add all my models with texture & materials in one folder into ue4 engine . than I
split the ( materials-mesh-texture) to 3 folders . here the problem > when I open any material there is no textuer inside it expet the textuer who came with ue4… how can i make path for my textuer file ?! .

Hmm, did you reorganize everything inside of the editor, or in Explorer/Finder? You have to do it in the editor or we can’t properly update the references and track where the new files are located.

Nick (Epic Games)

Dear Nick,
Thanks for your replay , but is there anyway to find path location easily?

I’m not sure I follow, could you ask the question a little differently?

You can find the path information of anything by looking at it in the content browser to see what folder it’s in or right click and select Show In Exporer/Finder.