Change size of VRPawn teleport emitter?

Hey everyone.

I’m using the default VRPawn that I grabbed from the VR template that Unreal Engine offers for free.

I’ve put it in my own game, and used the “World to Meters” option to basically scale up the player. By doing this however, the teleport emitter doesn’t scale up with it and is pretty small compared to the actual player.

How can I scale up the emitter as well?
I’ve scaled up the circle, but don’t know how I can scale up the actual line/trace/emitter


Thank you.

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Hi Bright,

Open up NS_TeleportTrace

Click on ‘Beam Width’

By default the width is driven with a curve. (Small ends, wide in the middle)

Either modify that curve or click the “Reset” button next to Beam Width to set this to a single value.


Hey, thanks for the reply

I just came to realize that I didn’t really word it correctly in my original post, but what I meant to ask is how do I make the teleport emitter go farther away?

So basically, is there a way to scale up the entire teleport emitter+circle so that the teleport ‘steps’ are bigger.

I hope that makes sense!

Much appreciated, thanks :monkey:

The teleport beam is traced by simulating a projectile in the TeleportTrace function. You can make it go further by increasing the projectile speed. The speed is set in the initial value of the LocalTeleportLaunchSpeed variable inside the function.