Change shader code


This is what I got so far, after ALOT of trial and error. Mostly error :frowning:

What I would like to ask, is if anyone have done shader work and could have any tips on how to speed up the developing process of new shader code :smiley: Since as of now every little change is recompiling 4000 shaders.
I have contemplated removing alot of shader code but I really have no idea how that will affect the compiling process or how much cleanup has to be done :frowning:

What ive done so far is basically downloaded ue 4.14.1 from github and opened it in visual studio and started making changes:

  • Sunlight intensity affects how many steps are in the suns shadows, 0 = no steps only brightens other lights shadows.
  • All lights casting stepped shadows.
  • Alot of small changes to shader code.

You can go into project settings and disable as many shader permutation options under rendering (such as stationary skylight, atmosphere etc), which will reduce the number of compiles. As will making a super stripped down project with less shaders to compile. Rendering guys typically work in a stripped down branch for that reason.