Change roughness for only 1 landscape material texture?

So this is my landscape material, pretty basic but all I need for this environment -

I’m curious if there’s a way (I’m sure there is I just don’t know it) to change the roughness for only 1 texture in my landscape material for example the texture outlined in red in the picture above. As you can see I have a roughness setup but it changes the roughness for all the textures and I want to specifically adjust the roughness for only 1 texture so I can set it to 0 to give it a wet feel. If anyone can help me with setting something like that up I’d appreciate it a ton!

It is, you’ve shown the solution yourself already :smiley: just use another Layer Blend node for the roughness values, depending on what layer you paint.

So it was right there the whole time :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks for pointing it out appreciate it!

I hate to necro this, but could someone elaborate? I’m trying to figure out this exact issue.

Duplicate the layer blend node and plug it into the roughness.

For example this would give layer 1 a roughness value of 0, and layer 2 a roughness of 0.5 :

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Thank you very much.