Change one color of a paper2d sprite into another color?

Good day,

I’am new to using material editor and looking for a way if it is possible to change one color or both of the sprite using a masked material? Is there a logic or method in which i can change the color of both? Many thanks! See image for further visualization of my intent.


A couple of easy ways are:

  1. Use a color tweak:

  1. Hue shift:

You can isolate colors and change them, but it’s a lot of hassle and generally looks a bit ■■■■. Another way of course, is to edit the texture :wink:

Welll yeaaa without editting it though. Thanks for the reply. Would your suggestion work by retaining the green colour and change tha sandy color to gray only?

How about this?:


Exactly how it things should be! Thanks a lot!
One more thing a followup. What are the things you do to predict the color output? I’m really new to using this material editor. I don’t have much idea on what is happening here? Thanks and sorry if I’m demanding so much answers.

Well, there’s no prediction here really, it’s more separating the green and pink, and making the pink grey. You can tell what’s going on at various substages by just plugging the output from an earlier part of the graph into the base color pin.

For instance, take the output of the power node from red and plug it directly into the material base color, you can see what’s going on.

Also opening the texture in UE, you can view the channels separately and see that red is giving the most output for the color you wanted to change. Hence the power node drawing from there… :slight_smile:

Well thanks for the tip once again!

Howdy im trying to do a color palette swap on my character for my 2D game, similar to how they do in the old Nes Legend of Zelda. Would this be the best way to do something like changing armor color from one color to another?