Change materials upon action

Hi! There is probably a simple solution, but I can’t quite work it out. I have a shop in which you can buy armor for your character, however (being a low poly game since I’m not a 3D modeler) I just want the colour (or color) to change on the chest plate the character is wearing, similar to Link changing his tunic in Ocarina of Time. Any ideas? The context in which I am in is if I am near a certain building (in the form of an actor blueprint) a widget that appears gives an option of things to buy. When a button is pressed to buy an item stats should go up (that part is sorted) and the colour of my chestplate should change.

Aha! Not as simple as I thought it would be, but a solution nonetheless! Thank you! I’ll give it a try

Create a dynamic material instance. (i usually do this in the construction script)

Also make sure the MAterial has a Texture, Vector Or Scalar Parameter with a name (Color) the name is important.

Set Parameter (Scalar, Vector or Texture) to change the Color in my example. :slight_smile: