Change materials in VR

It should be possible to do something like this in VR as well:

When you press a button on the VR-controller, do a single line trace or something from the controller. Then from the hit results you will get the actor you pointed at. Then apply the technique from the video above.

Should get you in the right direction :slight_smile:

Hi all, I have set some objects in a level. What I want is to select 1 object or more at the same time and change by menu-widget the material.

I don’t know what the node in BP is for selecting an actor(s) in VR?

And then how to change the material from a list in the widget…

I searched a lot on the internet, but didn’t find a proper solution.

Can anybody help me out?
Thanks in advance!

Thanks for the reply. I found that video already, but it’s a bit different of my approach…

I want to select the actor or multiple actors, then get the menu widget and apply a texture to the actors.
In the video it’s predefined which elements are available for material change.

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It’s not quite clear how to set up the selected actor(s) in the BP nodes.