Change Materials in Matinee

Dear All
Is there anyway to change material by matinee for example
Lamp need change Massive Light by matinee
Here example:

alt text

Hey TakeTimeGames-

I’m not sure I understand your question. Looking at the shots you provided, are you asking if it’s possible to have the lights come on during the matinee? Let me know if I am misinterpreting your question.

Dear :
what i mean i want to make animate material by Matinee from massive to without massive , i didn’t mean lights , i’m talking about play animate material
I hope you know what i mean

I think I understand what you’re trying to do however I believe you are making things more difficult on yourself than needed. You would be better served by setting up a blueprint timeline to handle the process rather than using matinee. Check here: for information on how to set up a timeline in blueprints.


Thanks for feedback i know that how to make it in blueprint , so that’s mean there is no way to make it in matinee.

You don’t need to trigger the material switch directly inside Matinee. Just set it up in your level blueprint to play the matinee on begin play or through a trigger and then add a delay to match the time you want the lights to turn on. For example if they’re supposed to turn on at 10 seconds into your sequence, then set the delay to 10 seconds and then trigger the EMISSIVE (not massive) switch in your level blueprint immediately after the 10 second delay.
Its just a matter of triggering things in the blueprint at the correct time.