Change materials and export information in the end of use to a file.


We are making architecture projects and we have a problem right now.

We are looking for a solution to this process:

Have a chair in the scene, the user change the material (color) to other one, then we have a table and the user change the material of it to other one, and in the end we have a save buttom and the information about the colors/materials that the user choose are exported to a .txt (or other) file.

Have someone already use this way to provide way to the user to change the enviroment and save it in the end?

The base of this is the option for the user to choose the forniture colors, and in the end he have a .txt file with the preferences to send us, and we know the fornitures colors to start the real producton.


hey there !
i think the best way to do that, is to identify all the assets you need to gather info from, and the info you need.
create a data structure that can handle this and store it in the game instance class .
once the data gathered, you have different choices depending on what you want.
you can export this to a datatable (like CSV) : Read and Write data from text file - Programming & Scripting - Unreal Engine Forums
but i think the trend on this kind of stuffes is to put them online in a database, you can use your own webapi and the widget browser to do so.