Change material with many retopologized static mesh

I have a lot of static mesh retopologized (30 for example), every static mesh has a normal map. I want to change a series of materials (10 for example) for all the static meshes. Do I have to create 10 different materials for each static mesh (30 x 10 = 300) or is there a way to create less materials?

Use texture parameter(IIRC it is called texture object) in the material, And create instances(right click on the material) of those materials and change the params as needed


Hi Ryan, thank you for your answer. I can not understand well from your description how to construct the material with the Texture object parameter. Could you explain with an image?
To be clearer than what I need: I have the normal map of detail (folds) of a lowpoly pillow object and I want to make the material for 10 different materials. In all material I will have to insert the normal map to show the detail. If I have 4 different cushions other than the first I will have to build 10 different materials for each pillow with the normal inside, in total 50 materials. Is it possible to create 10 materials without normals and apply them to the 5 pillows with the normal one and have in total only 10 materials?