change material parameter by bone rotation for wrinklemap shader

I want to create a bone driven wrinklemap shader but I haven’t found out a way to drive my material parameter from the rotation of a certain bone. Is there a way to do that in realtime?

I already tried a version with morphtargets but I couldn’t find a way to change the material automatically by the curve of the morph target. The solution to create my own curves like in the morph target sample scene is not an option, the parameter should get driven by the curve itself not by one i have to create.

Thanks for the help in advance,


Actually you can drive material from morph target. In the curve type, you should mark as “drives material”, and also you should make sure your material name matches the curve name.



I just found your hint about ‘drives material’ that could solve my issue with morph target animation automatically driving wrinkle maps. Can you please help me find this feature? When looking at Animation Sequence asset I can see all morph target curves but I can’t see any options, including ‘drives material’.
I want to avoid having to manually create material parameter curves mimicking mesh morph curves.


Nevermind, I got it :slight_smile: I thought that rightmost arrow with ‘Display’ in description was a visibility filter for listing either morph curves or material curves or both - turns out this is where each morph curve can be set to be a material curve at the same time.