Change dynamic material per world spawn.

Having multiple objects in the scene which use the same material, how can I change material params of one object, not altering the rest?

changing dynamic material instance params alters all of the objects, actually its really not all that instanced…

I need to do this entirely with blueprints, anyone got any ideas?

I’m trying to make a random decal system without nesting, nor creating a new material for each of the pics. I tried doing it through a dmi of a flipbook, but that too alters all of the objects, not one. How do I keep changes made to a material PER OBJECT it is applied to?

Instead of unique alterations per object I meant per spawned decal, the solution was to use the correct "create dynamic material instance’ node, especially meant for decals.

The material to randomize a single type of decal looks like this, anyone know of a better way?