Change distance field resolution scale on multiple static mesh objects

Is there any way to change distance field resolution scale on multiple static mesh objects at the same time?
I have hundreds of them and doing it one by one would be a nightmare :slight_smile:

I’ve looked into the “bulk edit via property matrix” and searched for it. But there is no such option in that window for some reason. It seems you can change basically everything else about the meshes except for this.




I’ve taken a look at what generates that UI in the static mesh editor, and unfortunately the UI for editing LOD settings appears to be a completely custom detail view tied to the static mesh editor itself, which means it won’t work with the bulk edit UI.

You can still bulk edit the setting via code, however you’ll have to do some work to either expose it in a way you can edit via the Content Browser (probably via a context menu extension), or just write a commandlet to update the setting for a given list of assets.

The setting itself is FMeshBuildSettings::DistanceFieldResolutionScale and you can access it via the UStaticMesh::SourceModels using the correct LOD index (see FLevelOfDetailSettingsLayout::AddLODLevelCategories for how the custom detail view uses it).