Change Directional Light Mobility at Runtime?

Is it possible? I’ve got one ‘master’ directional light in my persistent level that I update with the lighting settings from sublevels, as needed. Currently it’s set to Movable all the time… is it possible to downgrade it during runtime to Static or Stationary?

Is there a reason? Even if you did switch it back to Static or Stationary, the light would still be fully dynamic so there would be no savings.

Yeah, I guess that’s my question, then… so what I’m doing is blending lighting between zones by lerping from one struct of directional light settings to another. Sometimes I don’t need the movable element, so I’d like the savings on GPU, if possible. I see you can ‘set scene component mobility’ but it hasn’t seemed to have an effect and maybe what you’re saying is why?

So the only way to really swap from a movable directional light to a static one, while gaining the GPU savings is to unload and load levels?

Yeah, all lights in the editor are treated as Movable/dynamic until they’re baked, in which Static lights are baked to textures and nothing else. Stationary Lights might be what you’re looking for since their direct lighting is dynamic, but the indirect is stored in Lightmaps.

Right on. Thanks!