Change Color Of Paper Flipbook With Material

So I have a material that will change a specific color on a flipbook to a new color. It works just fine. My problem is that I want to apply this material to a new flipbook I have in my content browser, not create a new flipbook in the material itself.

Here is a SS of what I have:

So instead of creating the flipbook on the far left, how do I get the RGB values I need instead of having a Texture Sample to run through all this stuff. I want to get the RGB values from the flipbook I am going to apply the material to, instead of creating a new flipbook like this.

My end goal here is to change the color of a flipbook instead of creating 10 flipbooks that have 10 sprites each and now if I want a different color I would have to create so many extra images, seems like a waste.

Ultimately, the simple answer to this is you just need to convert a node into parameter.

If I have understood you and your requirement correctly, all you need to do, is:

##Material Editor:

  1. Right click on your “New Colour” Vector 4 (RGBA) node
  2. Select Convert to parameter.
  3. [Optional: but good practice] In the details panel, name & detail this parameter accordingly.
  4. Right click the now Master Material (in Content Browser).
  5. Select Create instance. (this will create a Static instance)
  6. Double click/Open the new instanced material.
  7. On the left (Details), check the box corresponding to the Vector 4 (RGBA) parameter to enable editing.
  8. Change the value accordingly, & click Apply.
  9. Apply this material to what you need.

##Material Instance Static,
due to their nature have extremely reduced footprints than if you were to duplicate the original material.

##Change by Code
In order to change a parameter by code (and thus, be editable at run-time), you need to create a Material Instance Dynamic, this is easily accomplished within blueprints.
You can read up on Static & Dyanmic instances Here!

Hope this helped with your problem~!