Change camera to stationary one?

In my game i need to show my character from a different camera all while playing. this new camera is going to be stationary and not attached to anything. It must not be a part of my characterBP rather separate. But i am having trouble even putting the camera in level. so i hope someone can help me in these two steps.

  • i need help to put a new camera in level
  • and switch to that camera on button press.

You can make the Camera in a pawn BP with no movement and just possess the new pawn. That way when you want to return to the original character you have have to possess the original pawn/character.

You may need to un-possess the original pawn as a part of it but I think that should work.

this way i’ll loose the controls from my current game player. this is not what i want.

well easy way was to use “Set view target with blend” !! now problem resolved!!