Change Blueprint Editor background color


the dark background color of the blueprint editor strains my eyes. Is there a way change it? I’ve heard of an image in the filesystem that one could swap, but don’t find this information. Thanks in advance


I don’t know if you can but one work around is creating a comment and then dragging it to cover the whole space of the blueprint and coloring it to your desire. You can also disable “Use Grids In The Material and Blueprint Editor” to remove the grids and have it as one solid color.

Update to my answer, free plugin to what you want UE4Editor Customize in Code Plugins - UE Marketplace

How about UE5? Maybe there is some image I can change in engine folder?

Bit late to this thread but for anyone stumbling on this now, if you want to change the look of the graph editors (blueprint, material, etc), the image file that sets the background color is located here:

<Unreal Dir>\Engine\Content\Editor\Slate\Graph\GraphPanel_SolidBackground.png

The rest of the image files for the graph editors are located in the same folder and can be changed freely without recompiling the engine.

I tried changing the GraphPanel_SolidBackground.png but the blueprint graph looks the same.
I restarted both epic games and unreal engine.

I did a clean restart too and the background color still did not change.

You can set a custom Background brush for the graphs in :

Editor Preferences → General → Appearance → Graphs → Background Brush.

Set the Image of the brush to a white UI Domain material ( or whatever custom material you want as the background.)

Then you can adjust the tint to customize the color.

White Tint :

Black Tint :

[UE 5.1]

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Thank you, very much. It worked.