Change Actor display name/label from Blueprint

Hi guys,
I thought this would be pretty straightforward but so far, the only way that I found to do that is in c++.

I need to change the Actor’s label (the name you see in the World Outliner) when I change something in the Blueprint.

Is there any way to do that with Blueprints?


Is this for some in-editor only functionality? Because you shouldn’t use the actor name at runtime since it’s not reliable.

This kind of functionality is most likely only possible in C++ since it’s a pretty uncommon case, but there is a cheap plugin that might do what you’re looking for via Blueprint:

Yes, it is just for in-editor only, for organization purposes. For example, I would like to rename each Actor to a specific name, and move them to a specific folder within the World Outliner, dynamically through blueprints.

I’ll look into the plugin you linked to, thanks for your help!

In case anyone ever sees this. You’re looking for “SetActorLabel()” to change the name in the World Outliner panel.

  //Remane obj + in editor
FString displayName = "ObjectName" + FString::FromInt(MyIndex);

Thx! I was looking for that for a long time!

Hi, DragonslayerOut, thank you very much!