Change a Reference File Path

I’m in the process of trying to restructure my files and where each asset is being placed within my project.

Here’s my story: I have some assets purchased from the marketplace, and they were kept in its own folder (A). I want to merge them into a larger folder (B) where things like my main textures/meshes/etc. are kept. What I did was did the move command with the folders within Unreal and left it at that. For the most part, (B) looked okay. So I deleted the old folder (A) after doing the “fix up redirectors in this folder” action. However, the materials folder got real messed up - trying to reference textures from the deleted folder. My question is: how can I fix this redirectories in a manual, yet quicker fashion.

I know in most software (I used to use NIFskope), you can easily just type in the new directory into the source, but for some strange reason I cannot find a quicker solution to fix this.

*** Here’s a preview of my reference viewer: PICTURE

Any help would be appreciated. I have had issues with Unreal and file directories, but I want to have my folders cleaned up as efficiently as I can - I just am astounded that Unreal doesn’t have proper tools for this, or maybe it does. This is the purpose of my question.

Thank you.