Challenges importing colorfull .PTS pointcloud files in UE4.24

Hi boys and girls!

A little back story,
We are putting together a big model of a specific city anno 1700 to be viewed in VR headset.
The idea is to be able to walk in from the street in 2020, equip the VR set and walk out in 1700, walk around and look at how the city looked back then with some simulations and interactions.
Being a real world city we are laser scanning buildings still standing in that city from that time but have encountered some unforeseen challenges.

The problem:
The .PTS files gets imported without any color… but if we open them in any other point cloud viewer they are RGB (color from scanner)
We also use drones to collect photogrammetry, this format is .LAS and will import with color just fine into UE4, so it is only the .PTS files who loose the color.

Software we use for registration of laserscans and export of .PTS files is Cyclone Register 360 from Leica.

Does anyone have any tips/help?

Same problem here

Same problem here. I solved by importing the PTS into Cloud Compare then exported to LAS. Importing the LAS into UE4 then showed the correct colors.