Chalk line - how would you do it?

I want to draw chalk lines, circles on dots on the ground, for a sports stadium.
How would you do these lines?
I can’t think of a way that would be highres without using highres textures and without causing ugly Aliasing steps when viewed from a small angle.

On a flat surface

On a grassy surface?
Maybe use white grass sprites in a special ring mesh?

Use an old school decal sheet (alpha transparency texture).
Imagine cutting a thin slice off the top of a pipe, or a flattened ring. It lies very close to, but off the ground. Map each quad ring section with a chalky texture that tiles horizontaly. Voila

The problem with a decal is that the lines show ugly steps when you look from a flat angle and some distance. AA can’t fix this.

Yes its greyscale and not masked.
I’m using any rgb channel for the opacity because its black’n’white anyway.

Extruding the edge, you mean the alpha in photoshop?

What do you mean by “soften normals”?

I’m not quite sure what you mean. Are we talking about a static mesh made in 3dsmax or a decal thats just projecting a texture onto the ground?

Using greyscale (not masked) - translucent texture?
And your transparency is packed in a RGB channel yes?
You could extrude the edge of the ring (soften normals o course) so at a sharp angle you won, t see it flat?

Extrude the edge of the geometry alpha sheet ring on both the inside and outer edges. Flare them out a bit, and soften those edge normals.

Static mesh