Cesium Plugin on UE 4.27.2 -- Exporting Cesium tiles

Hey guys!

I’m creating a game on UE using the Cesium plugin, which streams a 3D world map essentially. It works great between these two softwares, but I would like to convert the local (within my editor’s camera view) Cesium world tiles into a static mesh with the materials applied on top.

I’m able to save the local tiles as a static mesh, but the colours (materials) don’t go along with the mesh. Considering that the materials are streamed directly from Cesium, is it possible to convert the materials into a static material, so that it can be applied to my static mesh?

Here’s the link which introduces Cesium to UE4, and inside this same thread is where I got the solution on how to export the local Cesium tiles as a static mesh.

Any help would be appreciated, cheers!