CES 2016 virtual reality gadgets

I honestly can’t wait for VR products to be easily available. I finally went to my 1st CES 2 weeks ago and theres a bunch of cool VR headsets heading our way this year.

One of the big ones I tested was the 3Glasses D2. They’re supposed to be shipping to North America this year for $399. SO much cheaper than the other ones I tried. Still has a great latency, FOV and refresh rate. I spoke with them for a few minutes when I was there … apparently they have a standalone headset coming out later this year too. (Saweet!). Anyways - they were my biggest surprise from CES. Definitely one to keep on your radars.

I also checked out some of the bigger named-VR sets at the show (Oculus, Samsung Gear, HTC Vive). There were a few glitches (as expected with young tech), but there’s some really good stuff coming out to look out for. Great English content too - gaming and videos.

I also heard about Deepoon - a Chinese knock off of Oculus. Apparently they’re trying to use Oculus’ content on their VR headsets and sell for less. Cool idea, but there’s got to be some issues with intellectual property/compatibility. No objection Oculus? It’s an interesting convo about innovation vs. straight up copying successful competitors.

Anyways - can’t wait to see how the industry changes this year as products/content actually enter the market. Think it will become mainstream? #hereshoping