Certain Meshes look very strange + Materials come out as default checkered pattern

Hi all,

I was searching all over the Internet for answers, but found none. I’m hoping someone here knows what is causing these terrible-looking meshes.

The first photo shows the meshes without textures. The second one shows them with textures.

ALSO, I am having a problem where many of my materials (actually, all except the Starter Content ones and those from another pack) are not what they are, but instead, the default gray checkered pattern.

I’m sorry if there’re really simple fixes to these problems; I am still new to this.

Thank you so much.

Have you actually made the materials yourself or are you they just imported ones from 3ds max or similar?

I did not make them myself. They were from a variety of different packs I found on the internet…

Packs made specifically for unreal engine 4, or just random 3d mesh packages? Either way, you need to fix the materials and some of the mesh UV maps.

They were specifically for UE4. How can I fix mesh UV maps? How about the materials?

for someone on the forums to help probably need more info

is your computer system specs high enough?

secondly, have you updated your project to a newer version of the engine? or does this happen with a clean or new project?
(sometimes the engine will set your engine settings low if there is any issues like when you installed or updated etc.)

also i’d concentrate on simple things before you try something new, like a new project with just starter content then work up from there.

good luck

I have an i7-4710HQ, 16 GB of RAM, and a 970M.

I am currently using version 4.12.5. All of my settings are set to maximum.

i would say, just drop it. even everything’s right, still it won’t look good.

You just have to place all the assets and project files in one place. It is recommended to place in epic games -> unreal engine folder. I hope it helped