Certain features don't work reliably at lower frame rates

Here is the scenario:

I have a character who shoots projectiles from a gun, and I have windows that can be broken by these projectiles.

At a high frame rate, the projectile breaks the window effortlessly.

At a low frame rate, the game will occasionally fail to detect an overlap between the window and the projectile. I assume this is because the game only counts hits/overlaps at exactly every given tick/frame, but the movement from one frame/tick to another is not taken into consideration.

I find this interesting, because I have never experienced this in any published game that I have played, so I assume there must be a way to consider hit detection between ticks/frames.

Now, of course the best solution is always to optimize the game so that it never runs at a low frame rate, but I think it’s a hugely important failsafe to have, so that a low frame rate doesn’t necessarily break the game.

Is there a way to solve this in UE4, or in game engines in general?

Hey there. First thing I’d try is enabling CCD on one or both of your colliding objects. However this comes at an increased CPU cost so if you’re worried about that you can instead try changing the tick groups of the actors.