Certain bone rotated incorrectly in animation after import

So I’m importing animations from 3ds Max, a first person set of arms. These arms have a twist bone on each wrist . In the skeletal mesh asset itself both are fine, and in 3ds max both are fine. However when importing any animation into UE4 the left twist bone is rotated incorrectly, you can see the different between 3DS max (left) and in the UE4 animation preview (right)

Thanks for any help

I’m having this problem too. I have a character with a relatively simplistic rig, and have exported the mesh and skeleton correctly (at least I think so). The problem arises when I attach my running animation, the wrists of my character are rotated roughly 90 degrees in the wrong direction. My software is Blender. I have not had this problem before, and I can only assume it is either a skeleton or import/export problem.