Centred image on post process material


How can I add an image at the centre of a post-process material? Textures either enlarge to fit the whole screen or repeat itself side-by-side.

The image attached is an example of the resulting expected effect. Ignore the fact that the car image does not belong the photo – that’s unimportant now.

I mean in the texture asset’s details panel.

Ok. It’s significantly better now. The only problem is that the foreground image is blending a lot with the background. This is a post-process material. How can I reduce the blending level on the foreground image? I want it to look as sharp as when on commputer (don’t bother with pixelation at the moment).

The code is attached. I want to remove the translucency of the sports car image on this post process. It should look sharp while the remainder of the image looks normal.