Cell Shaded Clouds. How?

Would anyone happen to know a way to have cell shaded volumetric clouds? Basically trying to use the volumetric cloud setup, and then use post process on the volumetrics to cell shade them.

Normally Cel-Shaders won’t work with Post Process Volumes or with volumetric fog. So you can’t really use volumetric clouds with Cel-Shaders.

BUT you can still make clouds have a volume. I would suggest using this [guide from Ryan Brucks][1] on baking noise (because noise is VERY expensive but textures aren’t) for making noise textures and using tessellation to make smoke clouds from meshes, like in Ryans guide. If you change the color and use a different more cloudy mesh you already have clouds.

For the Cel-Shaders I would suggest using this [guide from PrismaticaDev][2]. He also has an active discord channel, where you could ask if you need help.

I made a quick and dirty example, I bet you could get amazing results if you played a bit more with it:

Hey, Thanks! This works pretty well. Only issue is the cell shader doesn’t seem to work with SkyAtmosphere :confused:

The cel shaders I know work with the diffuse color. Volumetric clouds, sky atmosphere, and the exponential height fog are post-processing effects and do not have diffuse color. So the normal ways to create a cell shadow look don’t really work. But there is probably a way to make it work.

You could also just use a skydome or something similar that works with the cel shader and not bother with the fancy ray marched effects.

I found a way. [YourSandbox made a cel shader that doesn’t use the diffuse color, just ignore the pixelated filter and your cel shader is good to go][1]. It obviously also works on exponential heighfog and the sky atmosphere.

I hope it helps

It works great! Have to do some tweaking but it’s a huge step in the right direction.