Cel Shading via Post Process Effect or via Materials

I was planning to either implement or purchase Cel Shading via Post Processing Effect from the Marketplace but as I looked through the Marketplace, there were lots of options to do Post Process Cel Shading on materials or in other words, per mesh basis. If I wanted Cel Shading on everything, is having cel shading based on material a viable option? I looked everywhere about this, and everyone is mentioning cel shading via post process effect but found almost nothing on doing it per material. Anyone know the advantages or disadvantages of such?

Post-process cel-shading tends to have lots of artifacts in it, whereas the old school way of using a second inverted mesh scaled up has a really consistent look all the time. It’s a quality vs performance issue really, as the inverted mesh is extra polygons to render, although in a stylized game polygon count normally isn’t a problem nowadays.

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