Casting UEnvQueryInstanceBlueprintWrapper to custom wrapper fails

So we’ve created our custom EQS generator, tests, and query instance wrapper class.
Last week I remember it working, but now casting the query instance parameter of the Query Finished Event to our custom wrapper fails.


This prints failure every time, regardless of whether the query is successful or not.
Note that I’ve set the custom wrapper class parameter in the Run EQSQuery node. The returned value shows as a Query Instance in BP, but the OnQueryFinishedEvent the GetResultsAsActors function nodes are still available for it, oddly.

You can see the return value on the Run EQSQuery node is the right wrapper:

(the same appears on the query finished event Query Instance parameter)

Am I missing something super obvious that I’ve forgotten about?

Update: I tested in a new 4.10 project and had the same problem, then I tested in a new 4.11 project and had no issue. I guess this was fixed for 4.11. Our studio will be updating our project to 4.11 tonight seeing as this is a blocker for us, plus the new USplineComponent improvements are much needed too.

Marking as closed, the fix to this issue is to upgrade to 4.11.