Casting from C++ Hud to BP Hud failure

hi there,
I’ve created a C++ First Person Shooter project and from the C++ Hud I have made a blueprint child which then uses its own widget to make styling easier.
My problem is that in a different blueprint, using a reference to the C++ Hud, I cant cast it to the blueprint hud.

Here’s the code in my gamemode where I create the HUD:

static ConstructorHelpers::FClassFinder <AHUD> MyDefaultHUD(TEXT("/Game/HUD/puzzlerHUD"));
	HUDClass = (UClass*)MyDefaultHUD.Class;

The main C++ Hud is called FPS_Room_PuzzlerHUD, the Blueprint version is called puzzlerHud

put breakpoint at cast and when it will be triggered, hover over hud output on “Hud” pin in “On Used”, see what it’s outputing. I kind of susspecting it might be “None”

you suspected right, I was populating the HUD in the constructor but it was giving a null value so after I moved the code to the OnUsed function all works well, cheers