Casting fake shadows in post process material

Currently I have a pretty robust lighting system built using blueprint/postprocess materials as a very cheap way get ambient lighting in the environment exactly like you would with point lights. Everything is working exactly like I would want it to but I was wondering if it would be possible or if anyone knew of a way to get fake shadows calculated as well? Overall I’ve tried getting depth from the location to surrounding areas within the light radius but I believe I’m just doing it wrong.

I basically have an actor created that works exactly like a point light, light brightness/color/falloff etc… Post Process material gets the info from actor as well as location and renders it based on the light actors settings also taking into account world normals to only light faces that are facing towards the light actor. So I would basically need to get shadows from this actor exactly like you would get on a point light by enabling “cast shadows”

Any help would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Anyone have any solutions for this? If this is truly something that’s just not possible it would be nice to know for sure :slight_smile: Just hoping somebody with a little more technical knowledge than me could point me in the right direction! Thanks!

Is your actor a light?
Not sure I’d have an answer for you but I wanted to try and do a setup like that, maybe we could exchange what we find. I’m interested in knowing how you made your system though, sounds cool


There are two actors I use, one is used more as a manager, it’s a placed editor utility base which allows it to tick while in editor. Basically just finds all of my custom actors gets their values and passes/ updates in real time depending on how many there are, info like radius, color, falloff etc. I explained it a bit more in this video Getting cheap localized GI in Unreal Engine 4 - YouTube I’m hoping to release this system on the market place at some point in the near future I was just hoping somebody knew of a way to get shadows using a system like this, even if they are a bit inaccurate. I’m currently expanding on this system in some really unique cool ways but finding a way to calculate any form of shadows is the biggest limitation for every use I’m using it for