Casting fails from client


i have networking problems and tried to fix them since four hours… My problem is, that clients cannot open Mysteryboxes. Doors do work for clients and listen server. Only opening the Mysteryboxes do not work.
With the button “F” you can interact with doors or with the Mysteryboxes.In the pictures below, you see what happens, If the button “F” is pressed, to say it short, it checks at the end wether there is a door or a mysterybox.
I found out that the server does not continue after “Cast to MysteryBox”.

Please open all screenshots in a new tab. The pictures will be a lot bigger.

Put breakpoint on cast and see what comes to blue input, when you hover over pin it should show you

thank you here is my result:


Problem is solved.
Look here : Casting to actor fails from client - Blueprint - Epic Developer Community Forums