Cast static shadow only on another actors?

Hi there.
Is there a way to set static mesh actor to cast baked static shadow on another actors but not itself? As an example I have a scene with some highly detailed meshes which are too complicated to unwrap and baking them would also cost a huge amount of time. But I would still like to have static shadows from them. Right now my workflow is to bake them as static with the lowest lightmap resolution and afterwards I move them up and down to discard their lightmap. I get the desired effect but it does not seem as an optimal solution to me as it takes time to bake these objects which I later anyway “clean” from the lightmap. Is there a way to exclude the object itself from receiving static lighting? Thanks.

One way is to make dublicate them and set hidden at game true. Dublicated version is static and original is stationary. Really annoying workflow but works.