Cast shadow artifacts depending on physics asset?

Hello everyone!

I’m having problems with my skeletal meshes… I seem to be getting shadow artifacts in places which are very much depending on the physics asset of the skeletal mesh itself. But I’m using it for collision detection so it has to be this way.

Here’s a short video of the problem, where I’m casting a shadow onto the keyboard of my organ using a cube:

And here’s my physics asset setup:

It just seems so obviously related that I can’t think of any other reason but I need to have the collisions set up in this very specific way because I need it for functionalities of the game.

I hope somebody here is able to point me into the right direction, because I searched everywhere and couldn’t find anything.
Thank you very much and have a great day :slight_smile:

Even adding a physics asset to the “Shadow Physics Asset” slot in the skeletal mesh didn’t seem to work. But I did get rid of the artifacts when I cranked up the Bounds Scale for the object in the scene. Changing the bounds in the Skeletal Mesh itself didn’t change anything though, only when done in the level. If anybody has any better ideas, please let me know!
Thank you!