Cast from widget in VR failed in packaged version

Hello VR mates,

I made a BP so that in VR, from a widget interface the player can change the position of the sun.
Its works in the editor but curiously not in the packaged game.
After trying to debug, I realized it came from the Cast node which do not cast from the widget component of the motion controller BP.

Here is the BP, a little help would be big gesture.

A little help would have been nice as it was quite frustrating.

Anyway, on reddit Holyzesto and Doobachoo were very kind and helped me with this. I am grateful to them.

It worked and I leave here the solution in case others run into the same problem :

It was a notion new to me : operation and contruction order in a packaged game. Since 4.20 widget components don’t construct the widget object until beginplay. This means a level blueprint is having beginplay called before the object whose widget the level BP trying to access. Just add a delay node with a time of 0 (will delay 1 frame) right after the begin play node and there fore before trying to use the widget.