Cashgen - (kinda) Infinite Procedural World Generator

Finally tracked down the problem! There was an error in the vertex generation that had started causing problems with the newer RuntimeMeshComponent.

Fixed :cool:

Thank You for fixing!! Gonna try new one… Btw, can now sand/grass borders be blurred / randomized by any chance?

Easy enough to do in the terrain shader.

Updated for 4.21, just some minor stuff.

Switched the demo project to use my fork of the RMC as it needed a build fix.

Thank You!
I did some quick testing, and, with all plugins downloaded and put in appropriate subfolders, everything compiles and runs just fine. Still not sure about that “world” (round world) level map, is it somehow practical usable? :slight_smile:

Question to Author please, is that in folders included (and here in forums featured) free wind / grass asset somehow usable with current Cashgen demo project? Any special hints maybe, how, please? In early Cashgen videos it is shown, but not in latest, so, I am not sure, is it really possible. Thank You.

Needs quite a bit of work to have it spawned correctly…and to be honest it’s a little too close to some of the code I use at work, I wouldn’t be comfortable working on and publishing it :slight_smile:

Ahh… Dang :slight_smile: Well, if that is not gonna happen, maybe there could be some small tutorials (I watched all that there is now) about nuances of usage. For example, smoothing / randomizing “shore/mountain” lines, using other water assets, stuff like that.
One more question, if I may, not just for this asset, but for all infinite levels. Issue: If I fly in one direction, world sure is okay generating, but - i am flying out of SkySphere pretty soon :wink: I was attaching SkySphere to Player Pawn. Is it legit solution, or that should be done some other way? Thank You in advance!

Has anyone merged the CGTerrainManager with the CGWorld? For my purposes I need the world created from the icosahedron like in the CGWorld implementation. But it doesn’t have any LOD support that I can see. Seems the only difference is that the Terrain uses Tiles (Squares, x,y) and the World Face uses triangular subdivision. I’m still digging through it but are the noise methods the same? I know they both stem from the cool Fast Noise plugin (Thanks!) but do they effectively work the same?

Opening the demo up and editing the terrain BP, and simply saving (any edit) causes the editor to crash. Any idea what could be causing this? I was wanting to change the Sector sizes between LODs for testing / performance stuff. It seems any edit though causes the editor to crash, including creating a new BP extension of the TerrainManager class.

Noise generation is the same, although the CGWorld implementation uses 3D noise…purely out of laziness…I should map 2D space onto the surface of the sphere and use that instead, but 3D was easier as the world implementation was just a little test.

Which engine version? I haven’t been testing this plugin recently more than just pressing play on the demo project and checking it runs, since about 4.19.

Master branch is compiling for 4.21 though.

imtrying to do the same thing for a project that im working on but im having problems…

Does anybody still have a version of the Demo Project that is compatible with Unreal 4.18.3 ? My pc won’t run newer versions.

hello, i most likely do, at home (i am at work now). I will post here link to Gdrive when i uploaded it.
EDIT: i have backup copy of that even here at work, “just in case” :slight_smile: I love to save old working copies, hehe… Anyway, soon will be uploaded. But, i have to say, i have been running also some latest version of cash demo as well, so it can be done.
EDIT2: here. link to 418 project zip (all required plugins are included in “Plugins” subfolder):…yZxP1RZuTS4WF1

WOW! you saved my life man! thank you so much for this, i am studying this plugin to come up with new ideas for my own terrain thing, but couldn’t open the project. Again, thanks so much.

Very pleasant to hear that :slight_smile: Please drop me some notes if you advance and make something modified, new, etc. :slight_smile: Good luck!

I’m returning to this plugin and was wondering if it was much hazel to implement the terrain biome blending feature into the CGWorld part? Or is there a different way that I could use to blend 2-3 materials using the noise values?

Does anybody know how to achieve this starting with the island demo ? I need some flat (or nearly flat) areas (around 100 m²) where I can put some buildings, and if I could connect them with roads it’d be awesome !

But after messing with modules, different settings, a lot of crash, adding selectors, etc… I cannot get a decent result…

So if someone could help me on that, (s)he’d be my God(dess) forever ! Thanks… :slight_smile:

Are you thinking of something like this?

Please ignore the wireframe dome there.