Cashgen - (kinda) Infinite Procedural World Generator

Yeah kind of…

I did not use the island demo for that result tho. Just tweaking the tutorial video a bit and added a landscape to use as water. You would perhaps be better off using the water option in the plugin. However, it’s probably not the solution you are looking for. Keep in mind that those images are also very zoomed out. If you look closely, you see a tiny platform in the middle of the dome, that’s a 4x4m ish platform that the player are located. Just to give you a hint of how zoomed out it actually is.

Ok thanks Will try that… But I’m thinkink of writing my own noise generator… Anyway thanks a lot

You could use a constant node and a radial node to blend some flat areas into your terrain.

A more complex solution such as scattering buildings and stamping the heightmap is unfortunately too close to what I do I at work so I wouldn’t be comfortable developing it on this plugin. Pull requests are welcome though…

First: Thx for the plugin :slight_smile:

But i have a small problem with the demo:
After packaging and starting the Level CashDemo_Terrain i always fall through geometry when passing a tile boundary. I tried more/different LODs, but nothing helped so far.
Any clue how to fix this?

Nevermind, i found the problem.

If you don’t use the MakeCGTerrainConfig node and use class defaults instead, TileReleaseDelay is 0 seconds in a packaged game. With no delay, the game wants to recreate ALL sectors on each boundary crossing and you are just stuck then.

Seems stuct properties inside struct properties don’t get properly transferred to shipping?
Workaround for now: use the MakeCGTerrainConfig node and set it.

@EpicGames Please fix this, such things are really quite annoying and time consuming to find/debug.

So, I finally got round to updating the plugin. As I’m not actively developing it, the maintenance dealing with the RuntimeMeshComponent as a dependency had got too onerous, so I’ve ripped it out and just switched back to the built in ProceduralMeshComponent.

Plugin and demo project are now updated to 4.24.

I did rip out the CGWorld stuff as it was nothing more than a curiosity on my part, and needed a little more work to refactor. If anyone really really wants it, then I can merge it back in sometime.

That’s cool news! 8) Thank You for all your work!

Am i able to use this system during runtime?
Since i want to be able to generate a world during runtime by a seed value.

Hi mid_gen , very nice plugin.

How do you set up folige spawning ( in my case bp actors) ?

It generates at runtime by default.

Hey hey!

First off want to say your plugin looks awesome. Unfortunately I can’t get it to work. I tried to use it in my 4.25.3 project but didn’t have any luck (nothing seemed to generate). I’ve created a blank 4.25.3 project and got the same results.

Pretty sure I followed the readme correctly.
made a blueprint “terrain” based on CGTerrainManager and added it to the level:

Went into the event graph and created the following (also tried with two, and the non fractal noise generator node).

Unfortunately nothing seems to generate.

Is anything in the Terrain config I need to set maybe?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Not really actively developing this any more, but I’ve been doing some housekeeping and master is now compatible with UE 5.0.