Cascaded Voxel Cone Tracing - CEDEC 2014

Some interesting slides regarding the rendering tech used in the PS4 exclusive “The Tomorrow Children”:

Man I just saw this today…so there is no more excuse for Epic to not implement the voxel cone tracing again now! :smiley: No seriously…jokes aside…this is the ****! Very awesome and it runs on ps4 (what the unreal 4 version was not doing) so this might actually be a real alternative. Very interesting. I have a friend who works as graphics programmer for DICE and he also mentioned after checking out the Epic integration that he thinks you can get it to run on todays consoles if you use cascaded voxel cone tracing. Guess they were just a bit faster with that^^.

Please Epic…make it hapen :smiley:

A very impressive paper. Lots of tasty bits of information in there, thanks for sharing.

What I find amazing is not only the DGI, but also using ray marching on distance fields to get real reflections! I wish UE4 had a better reflection solution than scree space. SS techniques just don’t hold up very well in 3d games(outside of certain edge cases like fixed perspective games).

I’m sure at some point there will be people implementing things like this for the marketplace, but I just wish Epic would do it themselves. Mostly due to their great support. I trust them a lot more for rendering stuff than a third party provider. I get that it’s hard to support a ton of platforms, and they’re looking for solutions that are good for everyone. I just wish those solutions included real reflections and approximate ray tracing.(not a fan of LPV’s results)

Yeah it looks great in their game.

The most detailed voxel size is large and the leaking would be massive in less stylized levels (note all their buildings have massive walls). At the same time the view range is quite limited and lighting quality deteriorates quickly in the distance, which would be a problem for large scenes.

Still…better than UE4 atm.


you guys are so cute.:smiley:

What about SSGI then?

Bah. I would call distance much of deal honestly. Current implementation of lighting have exactly the same issues. You don’t have shadows after certain distance. New distance field shadows fix it of course.

There is no perfect technique, which would solve everything. The one presented here looks very promising. I can imagine that voxel size for first cascade could expoed into editor, to adjust size as you see fit to find balance between quality and performance.

Screen Space solution do not provide stable results. They can be only used as complementary ones, not main.