Cascaded shadows not working on mobile

Hi everyone,

I can’t make cascaded shadows working. I have the 4.19 built from source.

Here is the result : (Android previewed rendering level)

And this is my setup for the meshes and my lighting :

And for the light :

All the objects are movable have “Receive CSM” checked, project settings allow “Support movable light CSM shader culling”

Anyone successfully achieves it ?

Best regards,


Make sure your models also are set to cast dynamic shadows. Your dynamic shadow distance is set to 2000, which is a pretty short distance. Try moving closer to your model to see if the shadows pop into view. Also, I’ve also noticed that sometimes stationary lights require the lighting to be built before their dynamic shadows appear. Another possibility is that you have far shadow cascade count > 0. I still haven’t figured out how to get the far cascade shadows to work. :frowning: