Cascaded Shadowmaps


I’m using a skylight + directional light (both set to stationary).
On the directional light i’ve set the Dynamic Shadow Distance (CSM) to 3000. When I’m withing this range I get the dynamic shadows, when I’m outside of this range I get the baked lighting - is that correct? All the buildings in my scene are looking good this way.

The foliage (Trees and Grass) are the only objects set to dynamic. The problem now is, the trees and Grass only get Shadows when i’m within this range (3000).

I can fix this, when i set the “far cascade shadow count” to 1. The problem is, all my buildings which are set to static are losing all their nice lightbakes when I’m outside the range of 3000.

Is there any solution for this?
Can I exclude all the static objects from beeing affected by the “far cascade shadow count” ?
Thank You!

Foliage is set to movable by default. Set it to Static in the foliage tool and rebuild lighting.

This will give you baked lighting beyond the 3000 mark and dynamic within that range.