Cascaded Shadow Maps - Artifact

Hi everyone,

I am playing around with Cascaded Shadow Maps and Distance Field Shadows and their transitions and I am getting issues with the Cascaded Shadow Maps.

Right now I imported this model:

Screenshot - 22_11.png

In Unreal I only use Cascaded Shadow Maps and I get this light leaking issue when increasing distance:

Screenshot - 22_11 002.png

This are my current settings (already changed them to improve quality):

Screenshot - 22_11 003.png

I also figured lowering Shadow Cascade Bias Distribution to 0 will further minimize the artifact. However…

…is there any way to completely remove the effect or is there any other tricks (modeling techniques, …) to prevent issues like this?


There’s at least a few cvars that might do it by modifying separately or in conjunction.

r.shadow. CSMdepthbias

Could also try lowering number of cascades to around 5 +/- 2. Then increase Distribution Exponent to between 2 and 4.

Awesome thanks, will try it out later.

Cascades is capped at 4, any more breaks things. Also, reduce dynamic shadow distance. I recognise that mesh, if your doing a schoolroom, you don’t need your cascades to go out 20,000UU, But in the case if you do, use far shadows, and normal shadows stretching out 3 cascades 5,000UU