Cascade viewport bug

First thanks for allowing students to use this engine for free.
Second, I found this unusual bug when checking the particles from the starter content folder. The particle works perfectly fine in the main viewport and in the game, the problem seems to be in the Cascade viewport. It looks like this:

I tried resetting all the options to default and tried to open it at different computers, it happens in all of them. The Cascade viewport does work fine in other projects though. I did not edit anything in the code nor the settings so I cant really figure out how to fix this or what can cause it. Hope someone figures out what’s going on. Thanks.

Hello KZ4,

I am in version 4.6 preview and I am unable to reproduce what you are seeing. I also tested this in 4.5.1 with the same results. I am assuming you are opening the “P_Fire” particle system?

Could you provide me with steps you are taking in order to get these results?