Cascade to Niagara - February 20 - Live from HQ

With Niagara getting closer and closer to full release there has never been a better time to start your transition from Cascade. On this episode of Inside Unreal, Epic’s resident VFX wizard Alan Willard will walk us through how to replicate essential Cascade particle systems and enhance them in Niagara.

Thursday, February 20 @ 2:00PM ET - Countdown


Alan Willard - Senior Dev Rel Tech Artist - @AlanJWillard](
Victor Brodin - Community Manager - @victor1erp](

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Cascade to Niagara | Live from HQ | Inside Unreal - YouTube

Hello, I am looking forward to this stream!

Question one: Will the engine provide a method to convert Cascade to Niagara?
Questions two: Will Cascade still be around in plugin form if you need to open old projects or want to ship a new project using it?

looks epic to meh

I think cascade will be supported in any case just like matinee when sequencer arrived.

i make some historic game with modern art

I can’t wait!!
Alan is a total Wizard!!!

I’m waiting.:smiley:

Be there or be square because you’re limited to 2d sprite particles

Hey is the stream UE4 project going to be available to us?

Hello! Loved the stream today. I had a question that was not able to be answered on stream due to time. I have been playing around with making a fire particle in 4.24.2 Niagara that can be viewed in Ray Tracing. After playing around with the different emitters and transparency in my materials it seems that only Sprite emitters can be Ray Traced. Are there any plans to make any of the other emitters/systems compatible with Ray Tracing?

It’s almost midnight over here, so I can’t follow the stream. Will it be recorded so we can view it afterwards ? Thanks ! :slight_smile:

How with Niagara you can make a liquid (for example, in a barrel), as in NVIDIA FleX?
Or in which branch is better to write this question?

We post the archived YouTube video in the OP as soon as it’s available. You can also find all of the episodes in the Inside Unreal playlist (if you’d prefer a permanent bookmark).

After converting a project from 4.22 to 4.25 I found, that matinee playback still works in 4.25, but the editor is no longer accessible since 4.24.
Fortunately, there’s a conversion tool available:…ool/index.html

Use “Convert to LevelSequence” from MatineeActor contextmenu. Worked like a charm, Epic development did a great job with this.

I hope, a similar tool will be available for Cascade to Niagara. Did not watch the livestream yet, that’s on my plan for today.

Now, that I want to dive into Niagara, it is great to see, that there’s a plugin available for conversion from Cascade to Niagara (4.26, did not check in 4.25).

It’s still BETA, but great job by Epic to help us for a smooth conversion.