[Cascade] Possible to rotate an entire emitter?

I’m trying to create an atom effect where three to five glowing sprites orbit around a center core. I’m looking for a way to spawn particles in an orbit around the Z axis. I tried the Orbit Module, which does exactly what I need, but the problem with it is that the particles don’t inherit that new location. So if I make another emitter to spawn a trail off of my orbiting particles, it just spawns particles at (0,0,0) instead of the orbiting particles’ locations.

Is there a way other than the Orbit module to make particles spin around the center axis?

I found an answer for myself after throwing in some numbers to the Orbit Module.

Add an Orbit Module
Offset Amount to the radius you want (for example: Constant Z 50)
Rotation Amount to numbers below 1 will tilt the axis. (for example: Constant [X 0.1][Y 0.1][Z 0.0])
Rotation Rate Amount to how many times you want it to rotate the center every interval. (for example: Constant [X 1.0][Y 0.0][Z 0.0] will rotate around once per second.

Would be nice if the Orbit Module also included an Axis category so the user could put the specific axis they want more easily.

I think there’s a way to bind, or connect, one emitter to another, or to connect a certain module in one emitter to a module in another. I don’t remember how, but it was in a tutorial I saw.