Cascade Particles Ribbon Tiling

Is there any way to make the texture of a ribbon particle tile without being affected by the length of the ribbon itself?

As it stands, ribbon particles map the material from the start to the end of the ribbon. You can change the amount of times it’s tiled using TexCoord functions in the material, but it still ends up being sort of dragged along by the emitter and stretches whenever the emitter moves too fast.

What I’m going for is an effect where the material has a set scale and will tile as many times as it needs to along the length of the trail to create a long but unstretched smoke trail. This isn’t an actual smoke trail here, but the modded player trails from Counter Strike are a good example of what I mean.

The texture used to make the trail does not stretch across the entire length of the trail itself, instead it just tiles forever along it.
Is there any way to get this behavior for the ribbon? It’s still mapped to the mesh of the ribbon itself, but tiles after a set length?

I hope I was able to explain this well enough that it actually makes sense, I’d really appreciate some help with this, thanks.

Actually I figured it out. All you have to do is attach a Texture Coordinate expression to the UV of the Texture Sample and set the Coordinate Index to 1 instead of 0!

this didnt work for me, have you found any other work arounds? im trying to make smoke from a cigar but when the player moves the ribbon left behind looks like a bunch of sticks in the air instead of a wavy looking smoke

Got a picture of the problem?

This answers is super late, but it may help others who come with the same issue.
You have to change the Tiling distance under the rendering settings of the Ribbon for the textcoord1 to give you the correct results