Cascade/Mesh - Excluding texture while using sub-uv's

Probably an oddball question.
I have a mesh that uses a Sub-uv setup for cascade. (in this case a lightning flipbook 32x4)
Now for this particular mesh I have a second UV over which a gradient texture is moving from bottom to top to fade in/out parts of the lighting.

How can I exclude the texture from turning into a 32x4 flipbook?
I tried increasing its size to become 1:1 afterthe 32x4 flipbook conversion but that doesn’t seem to do anything.


Basic example of what the 2nd uv channel will do (Uv1)

but due to using a flipbook… it doesnt seem to work as I expect it.

additionally, this is working fine when I am not using customUv’s.
thats… odd right?

just to clarify your issue is with your opacity mask turning into a sub_uv texture and you want it to just effect the mesh as a whole?