Cascade Mesh Emitter with attached Particle Effect?

Is there a way to attach a particle effect to a mesh emitter within cascade?

If not how would I go about attaching a particle effect to a static mesh instaced by cascade?

If this is not possible, i could perhaps swap out the particle for a mesh+material, so long as I can combine them somehow, so that both spawn together in the mesh emitter.

I understand I probably should’ve done all of this in Blueprints but I’m pretty comitted to working with cascade for this deadline…

please help! Thank you!

have you tried to connect the ‘Mesh Data’-emitter with the ‘Ribbon Data’-emitter?

It does not look too fancy yet, but here is how I did it:

  1. Create an emitter with type data “Ribbon Data”
  2. Set “Spawn” to zero and and add “Spawn per Unit” to set your distribution
  3. Right click into the “Ribbon Emitter” and add under “Trail” a “Source”
  4. In the source you can set the “Source Method” to “PET2SRCMParticle” and type in the name of your mesh emitter

Now your mesh particle should leave a ribbon trail behind. This can be adjusted to your needs the usual way using initial size ect.
I hope this answers your question and helped for your project.