[Cascade]How to make the particles born that can be filled all over the cylinder surface?

I use Location -> Cylinder -> Surface only to emit the particles, I want them to be filled all over the cylinder surface, but some of them often born in the same place, I dont want the cylinder surface has some empty space, what I can do now is to increase the particles’ burst count, but you know there’re performance costs of increase the count! How can I solve this problem? Thx!!!

You can’t on a Cylinder as far as I know, the locations are completely random. If the Cylinder has a Distribution Threshold setting, you can tweak that to distribute the spawned particles over a set amount of points around the edge of the Cylinder, but I’m fairly sure that Cylinders don’t have that option.

An alternative would be to make the Cylinder a seeded module, and find a seed that distributes the spawned sprites as best as possible.